Our Experience

  • Crisis and Consequence Management Support

    DPMS has established a legacy of high-quality performance in supporting the continuity of government and emergency services at all echelons of government..

  • Logistical Support Services

    DPMS performs logistics support services (supply, maintenance, and transportation) for the Logistics Readiness Center at Fort Carson, CO, and their customers. Supply functions include property/materiel requisitioning, receipt, accountability, packaging and shipping, demilitarization and disposal.

  • A&E Design IDIQ contract with NAVFAC, Washington, DC

    Services include Site/Facilities Survey, Demolition, Site Development, Programming, Space Planning, Engineering Studies, Construction Documents, Sustainable Design, Interior, Schematic, Concept, and MEP Design. Wealso provide Design (CID), Design of Infrastructure, Construction Phase Services, Specifications, Geotec Engineering, Fire Protection Studies and Designs, Medical Equipment Planning, HAZMAT abatement and DD1391 Document Preparation

  • Technical, Logistics, Infrastructure, Operations & Maintenance Support

    DPMS personnel provide the operational (i.e., organizational, administrative, technical and physical) support necessary to enable the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) activities to be conducted efficiently and effectively. DPMS performs Technical, Logistics and Infrastructure Support, Environmental Health & Safety, and Operations and Maintenance Support.

  • Advisory and Assistance Support to Chemical Biological Defense Programs

    DPMS provided scientific, technical, programmatic, planning, management, and administrative support services for the U.S. Army. Personnel provided technical assessment and functional analysis support for DoD CBRN Programs: determined critical CBRN requirements for Research, Development, and Acquisition programs; analyzed CBRN capabilities, requirements, shortfalls, and redundancies; provided reach-back and quick response support for staffing issues, position papers, investigative research studies, and integrated briefings.

  • Medical Support Services

    DPMS employees served as the primary care clinician, providing initial and continual medical care for active duty service members, their dependents, authorized civilian employees, retirees and others authorized care at the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) Clinic. Provided sick call, supervised immunizations, diagnosed and treated acute and chronic diseases and injuries by obtaining accurate medical histories, performing thorough physical examinations, and requesting and interpreting appropriate laboratory and radiological studies. We provided outpatient services such as acute sickness/injury, follow-ups, prescription refill requests, physical exams, consultation and referrals to specialists as needed and administrative duties. Our physician’s assistants made decisions that directly affected the health and welfare of the patient. In addition, they provided the Chief of the JCSE Clinic with reports of trends relating to the health and welfare of JCSE personnel and provided guidance to the command relating to the medical requirements for forward deployment of personnel.

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