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DPMS's Safety and Security team has, and continues to build, a knowledge base that is critical to supporting effective terrorism prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery. The Safety and Security team combines practical experience with a strong record of academic achievement.

Team members have held senior management positions in homeland security agencies at federal, state, and local levels. They have extensive experience in the design of exercises and games, are knowledgeable about critical homeland security technologies, and have worked closely with homeland security professionals in the field.

The Safety and Security team assisted government agencies in responding to the attacks of September 11, 2001, with researchers and operations analysts supporting response to the terrorist 

The Safety and Security team assisted government agencies in responding to the attacks of September 11, 2001, with researchers and operations analysts supporting response to the terrorist attacks and the incidents of anthrax contamination that followed. Today, we work at every level of homeland security.

Our Service

Provides a Comprehensive integrated and coordinated enterprise-wide security program solution: consequence and crisis incident planning and management, equipment, logistics and training.

Equipment Acquisitions and Life-Cycle Support

Security Equipment, i.e., Weapons and Explosive.Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary Detection Equipment.Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary Protection Equipment.Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary Remediation Equipment.Command and Control (C2) Systems for Crisis Management.Surveillance and Sensor Equipment (Analog and Digital).Product Installation and Life-Cycle Support.

Disinfection Services

Science has determined that covid-19 is transmitted via aerosol transmission in poorly ventilated indoor spaces addition to close contact and surface transmission.ASHRAE outlined in its Position Document on Infectious Aerosols, the significant impact HVAC systems have on minimizing transmission risk of COVID-19 and other pathogen aerosols.Failure to gain control of the pandemic has created a pattern of openings and closings that confuse businesses, created inconsistent use of mitigation practices and undermine consumer confidence in their safety.Commercial cleaning practices are outdated and most do not have the right tools,technology or processes to ensure that all surfaces are treated effectively to stop the spread of diseas.

Base Operating Support (BOS)

DPMS provided and performed public works functions that supported base operations at Fort Eustis, VA. Services included Buildings and Structures Maintenance, Surfaced Area Maintenance, Utility Systems Operations and Maintenance, HVAC Systems Operation and Maintenance, Dining Facility Equipment Maintenance, and Pest Control.

Architecture and Engineering

Services include Site/Facilities Survey, Demolition, Site Development, Programming, Space Planning, Engineering Studies, Construction Documents, Sustainable Design, Interior, Schematic, Concept, and MEP Design. We also provide Design (CID), Design of Infrastructure, Construction Phase Services, Specifications, Geotec Engineering, Fire Protection Studies and Designs, Medical Equipment Planning, HAZMAT abatement and DD1391 Document Preparation.

Emergency Management

DPMS emergency management experts provided the U.S. Army’s Emergency Management Branch of the Protection Division with integration services, including policy/doctrinal development, training support, readiness evaluation, and materiel fielding/sustainment support. EM2P is an Emergency Management equipment acquisition, fielding, and sustainment initiative valued at $225M focused on upgrading and standardizing Common Operating Picture, Mass Warning and Notification, and Enhanced 911 systems within the Installation Emergency Operations Center and Dispatch Centers at up to 127 US Army installations.

Budget, Financial & Administrative Support

DPMS supports more than 4,000 U. S. Department of Agriculture personnel nationwide, providing contract management, personnel security, administrative support, event planning, and space design. Contract Specialists, Grants Management Specialists, and Administrative Personnel perform management, acquisition and contact management, logistics/supply management, database management, administrative/materiel coordination, grants administration and cost analysis

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